These past three weeks, I have been busy with different types of paperwork. From job applications, school enrollment, insurance enrollment, vehicle paperwork, apartment lease. My Aunt who is my Dad’s baby sister just moved to the U.S from Vietnam with her family. So I’ve been helping her adjusting to the life in the America and getting her family situated. So far, it’s been okay. During the first week of arriving, I found this Vietnamese Bakery that was hiring and she got the job! The Bakery is well known in the Garland area so I’m happy she is in a good place. As far as for her husband, I’m still filling out the job applications. Sucks that this is a Holiday weekend so I won’t be able to turn it in until Monday. And for her kids, I got her oldest son who is six years old enrolled to school. He will be starting his first day of Kindergarten this upcoming Monday and I will babysit his younger brother who is three in the meantime. I’m so happy he’s finally going back to school. Right now, out all the paperwork, getting them insurance is the most important. The deadline is December 15 and I’m nowhere half way done with the application. Not only am I applying for my Aunt’s family, but also for one of my other Uncles. The system keeps shutting down which is getting so frustrated. I remember when I was applying for my Uncle last year, I had to go through the same situation. It’s so annoying. So I’ve been up since 3am trying to do as much as possible before the system shuts down again. And then wait around 2am and continue since that’s when people aren’t online very much.

Just a glimpse of my life.


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