Putting Jehovah first


I was ready to take on the day today. I really wanted to do service, but I didn’t make any plans beforehand since I didn’t expect to. And the people I knew either had their meeting in the morning, are on vacation, or have plans already. I prayed to Jehovah so much this morning to help me find someone to go out with, because I didn’t want to spend the day doing something non productive. This has been one of my goals that I wanted do better at —- working more in the ministry. After praying, I got up, made breakfast, and showered. I decided to get ready for service even if I were to work by myself, I could do some RV’s nearby. Until my phone rang. Turns out, my best friend, Sister Dang had the afternoon free! She was supposed to go out with her husband, but their plans changed. I was so happy I had someone to work with. A few minutes after that, before I went out of the house to pick Sister Dang up, my Mom asked if she could join us since she was feeling better (she had the flu this whole week). I had a car group! We did a full afternoon. We met so many people and placed a lot of magazines along with catching up with our RV’s.


Afterwards, we went to Fiesta to get some groceries. I ended up getting a box of pork tacos, rice, beans, sausage, corn, and some veggies.



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