Summary this week (Friday & Saturday)


On Friday, I had lunch with one of my good friends, Bree at Friday’s (get it?). It was nice getting to catch up with her since we haven’t hung out for a while. Later that day, I decided to surprise Joshua who is my friend with a cup of coffee from Starbucks at his work place, Pei Wei. I ate there as well. Surprise, surprise. He likes to take selfies with me when I have food in my mouth.


Today was a laid back day. After finishing up preparing for the meeting, I decided to bake a carrot cranberry coconut bunt cake. Oy, so much C’s! Afterwards, I made fajitas which I was very happy with. While prepping, I thought of mixing around a little bit. So I put in sriracha sauce along with honey in my marinade for the chicken strips. I am so happy with it, because it turned out sooo gooood! I am definitely going to do this again soon.


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