Busy Monday


I woke up early and picked him up and stayed until he was all settled down. Today was my cousin, Khoi’s first day of Kindergarten in the U.S. The sweet thing about the school he hoes to happens to be the Elementary school I went to! I saw a few of my teachers that I hadn’t seen in yeeears. I’m surprised we even recognize each other! One of them was Nurse Kim. She recognized me as soon as I walked into the office. The reason why I’m memorable when it comes to her is that when I was younger, I was super clumsy (still am). If I wasn’t bumping into people, it’d be walls. Tripping over chairs, getting something in my eye (and I still am).

Afterwards, I went home and showered, ate breakfast, bible reading, did a quick load of laundry, and got ready to head back to my Aunt’s place to pick the rest of her family up for some unfinished errands. I took her to the job assistant office to finish her paperwork from last week. Although she currently has a job right now, she would like something better. And she got one! When the woman called me up and told me the news, my aunt and I did a little happy dance. Ahhh, it was amazing. All that’s left of this job searching is for my Uncle which I will fill out the application somewhere along this week.

After that excitement, I went to pick up my cousin from school. He had a good day which I was happy to hear. Because I was a little worries about how he would adjust to the environment over here. Funny, when I asked him how was lunch, he said the cafeteria didn’t serve any rice. I laughed all the way of driving him home while listening to his day.

After his family was home, I actually had to get done with some more things before going home. When finished, I went home and got ready for the meeting and picked up an older sister who is like my grandma, Sister Phuong.

Lately, I’ve been reading one of the good books I’ve read in the past again. This particular book is special to me since it was a gift from my dear friend, Rosie.


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