A day with Grandma


I got to spend most of my day with a sister in my congregation, Phuong. Who is basically like my Grandma. She has known me ever since I was born and we’ve both grown very fond of each other for the past few years. I am happy to say that she is one of my best friends. Somebody who I look up to very much and can share anything, anytime. I love her dearly. Not only that, but she is also my service buddy. Today, we spent most of the morning and afternoon doing service together. I went over to her house for breakfast after I dropped off my cousin at school. She made my favorite: caramelized pot catfish with sticky rice and an egg on top, sunny side up.  We worked in my territory and did Rv’s and went to the market to witness there afterwards. We met quite a lot of people and placed over 50 magazines! Not including a few books and tracts. Something I love about my Grandma is I never miss an hour in service, even on a break. And that’s something I’ve learned from her and have quickly cling onto me. When we take breaks, she is always looking for an opportunity to continue her time and place magazine and talk to people. And she’s always feeding me. She’s scared that I am never full (which is true).


One of the things she got me: Nước Chanh Dây. It’s a Vietnamese version of Redbull.

We went to a laundry mat that we’ve never worked before. And I will definitely come back to it next time I do service. While passing out magazines, I noticed people there were interested in what they were reading. Because before I left, I looked back inside the laundry mat and saw every person that I placed something with, it was in their hand. And they were reading it! That made me really happy. And I got to do a few presentations in Espanol.


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