Self examination


For this week’s personal study, I decided to do more research on the fruitage of the spirit. I like to often keep myself in check and do a self examination as we are advised to do so. There are some things that you discover about yourself from time to time and I think it’s so neat when that happens. Kind of like how someone else views you differently than yourself. After studying, I tried to see which of the qualities I am strong at and which one I need to work on more.

Personally, I would say love/kindness/mildness is one of my biggest quality. It’s one of the things I like about myself. I like how I can express love for other people and not expecting anything in return. I notice that it comes out naturally.

Next to love would be patience. I’m kind of proud of myself for having the patience that I have. I can definitely be patient for something I know that is worth it and beneficial. I don’t easily give up. Whatever I stick to, I stick with it. I think it is so important to have patience as a strong quality. Most of everything in life, patience is needed. Especially things that are worth waiting for. And in order to have patience, you need faith.

Joy. Honestly, this has been one of the qualities that I’ve been working on a lot. In the past, I was down about my health and what it made me not be able to do what I wanted to. For instance doing the ministry, full time. I was hard on myself and insecure that no one would fully love me. But I’ve later managed to be joyous. People still love me accept me for who and how I am. I’ve learned how to be optimistic and try to see the good in every bad situation. And it is now another one of my biggest quality.

Next is peace/goodness. I don’t have much problems with people. I seem to have good relationships with everyone that a pass by. But when I do, I try to make peace with them as soon as possible. I’m the kind of person who will apologize, even if it’s not my fault. Because I would rather drop the argument than lose the other person.

Self-control. Now this is a quality I am currently still working on. For myself, I can say that I have self control when it comes financially. I have to admit, of all things, self control is the hardest quality to work on. I am working on this quality the most every day, on a daily basis. When self control is mentioned, people seem to think that self control is just working on it emotionally and financially. But that’s only a small part of it. Self control takes up your whole self and you use it every day, doing everything. Having self control means knowing what you are able to do only in your behalf. And this is the area I need to work more on. I need to know what I am able to do with my energy and what I can’t. I shouldn’t think that maybe I can do this or that when really, my body won’t allow it. I need to have self control over my assumptions and energy.

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