A day with Abi


I got to spend the day with my friend Abi today. We met each other at the past International convention and again through a dear friend of ours. She came down this morning from Fort Worth to join my car group which included an older sister, Nhan. And Kim Ngan (there’s a lot of Kims in my hall) and I for field service. I volunteered to drive since I wanted to give Kim a break since she always drives when we work together. It’s nice when you get to sit back and not having to always focus on the road and listen to the GPS.

I rarely go to Arlington to do service since it’s very far and not in my territory, so it was a nice change from my territory. We started off with a nearby call in Carrollton to start off our time. Once we worked in the territory, we didn’t find many people. But we did get a few good houses. Although I didn’t go on them, Abi and Kim met some people and had a very long conversation with them.

Afterwards, I dropped off Sister Nhan at her house and drove the rest off he car group back to the Hall to drop off Kim. Then Abi and I went to meet up with my friends Tayler and Josh for pho. Tayler has had pho before, but Josh and Abi did not. They ended up liking it very much!


After lunch, we were having a sweet tooth and decided to go to Hmart area which is a mini neighborhood filled with different Korean shops including dessert places. We went to a coffee shop. Abi, Josh, and I got Taro boba. And Tay got an iced caramel machiatto.

Josh and I. Finally a decent picture of us where I’m not eating. Except I looked at the wrong direction.

I later went home to pick up my mom, sister, and Sister Phường to the meeting. Abi accompanied me the ride back home and stayed for the meeting. Today was her first day of working with the Vietnamese. So it was a long say for her. I was scared she might be overwhelmed, but it turns out she wasn’t! I’m glad I got to spend some time with her. It was really nice since we do not get to hang out very much.


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