RosieJoe & KimYang

These past two days has been so wonderful. Today I got to spend most of my day with my lovely friend, Rosie. Who is such an amazing woman. We worked in service together for the first time today. Since she goes to the English and I’m in the Vietnamese, plus of her work schedule, it’s hard for us to make plans and hang out. So since she was off today, what better way than having bonding time together in the field ministry! Rosie came over to my house after lunchtime. I made her some Vietnamese coffee and turns out, she enjoyed it. We did Vietnamese territory (Rosie’s first time). We worked a very long street filled with Vietnamese houses and we did meet a few people and placed some literature. Although she didn’t speak the language, she did learn “Chao”. And she was a great buddy.

Proverbs 18:24 “There are companions ready to crush one another. But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”

I can’t tell you how amazing this woman is. She made me laugh so much, I don’t think I haven’t laughed that much or hard in a long time. So much, I was tearing up and my stomach was aching. It was painful, a good one. Gosh, I love her! After service, I introduced her to a Vietnamese soup, Hu Tieu.


She got the chicken since she’s not a fan of anything that swims in the water. She ended up liking the soup. We got the chance to catch up on some things and spent a really good girl on girl talk. By the time we were done, it was too dark to go work door to door, so we called it a day in the ministry. But the day didn’t end there.

IMG_4121 IMG_4137

We went to Downtown Garland and drove around there for a few minutes. I thought there would be some things to do, but most of the shops was closed. So I took Rosie to one of the Vietnamese supermarkets nearby, Cali Saigon Mall.


Let’s just say she was really excited. She has never tried boba before which is a smoothie/bubble tea drink. We got Taro. I’m happy to say she enjoyed it as well.

IMG_4125-0 IMG_4124 IMG_4123

After the great adventure in the supermarket where she wanted to buy all of the Asian silverwares, we headed back to my area and stopped by Firewheel Mall and went to World Market. Rosie has never been there before and during the way home, she mentioned she has always wanted to go there. So why not!


Ah, like a bookstore, we could both stay in there all day. You find so many unique treasures in this store, I really love it.

One of the unique things I found was this measuring cup. I thought it was so cute. I think if I ever get it, I would never use it just, because it’s too pretty and that I am too clumsy to even bother to put it to good use besides making it kitchen decoration. We got pretzels afterwards.

IMG_4132 IMG_4134-0

She got cinnamon and I got the original (sweet almond was unavailable). We ended the night by chatting for a bit in Barnes & Noble (oh, a bookstore. Surprise, surprise). It was really nice being able to talk about books and what we both enjoy reading. RosieJoe also got to meet my cousins since they were over my house for dinner when she and I were out. Today was a great day, I’m very happy I got to see her and spent some time with this amazing woman. I’m glad she puts up with my silliness and I put up with her hardcore loving soul.

Proverbs 27:5,6 “Open reproof is better than concealed love. The wounds inflicted by a friend are faithful”



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