Sundays with her

IMG_4175I’ve been trying to set a day where my sister and I could hang out together. So Sundays is now the day where I mostly spend time with her after service. It’s mostly laid back and it has become one of my favorite days during the week since I get to catch up with what’s been going on and just have a fun time together. Today we went out for pizza. It seems like that’s what we always end up going out for. Pizza is always good! We tried a new place called, Brooklyn’s Pizzeria for the first time. We both enjoyed it. It was a really Italian environment. And of course, we have to embrace our inner Italian. We ordered an extra large The Bronx Italiano. It was so good, I will definitely come back to this place!


The Bronx Italiano

My sister enjoys rock and alternative music so she talked to me about the different bands she listens to, trying to get me into them as well.. and it’s working. Afterwards, we went to Yogurtland for some dessert. We originally planned to go to this hole in the coffee shop in Downtown Garland, but the weather was pretty bad so we thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to be on the road in that kind of weather.  


She got cheesecake and vanilla bean. I got my usual, cheesecake and caramel macadamia


We usually hangout for the whole day, but we cut it short today since there were some things that needed to be finished at home. Although it was just for a few hours, we had a good day together.

Sundays with her.


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