Productive Wednesday

I’ve been trying to make Wednesdays part of my service days again now since I haven’t been for the past month. It felt so at home when I went to the hall we meet at for field service this morning. I really miss going out on Wednesdays with the regular group. Today I worked with one of my good friends, Makenzie or Thu (her Vietnamese name) and my grandma. During service, we went to my Grandma’s RV which is the owner of a donut shop. It was so funny.. when we went in Makenzie and I didn’t really want anything, but we later indulged. We decided to share one, but then ended up coming out with a box of a dozen (Grandma wasn’t happy with us getting only one, alone just sharing it). We got to stop by the laundry mat I worked a week ago and got to place a few sets of magazines! Afterwards, I introduced Thu elote. It was her first time and she thought it was awesome.


My favorite taco stand




She enjoyed it.


After service, I went to the auto shop to pick up a few parts then went to the grocery store on the way home to get a few things. I wanted to make soup, but didn’t know what kind. I’m not much of a soup person nor have I made soup very much besides noodle/ramen soup. I think the neat thing about me is I mostly cook with my senses. It’s as if my mind knows whatever ingredients I put together will taste like. So while at the store, I just picked up whatever I thought would be good in a soup: sweet potatoes, thyme, carrots, celery, garlic, rosemary, cilantro, purple and white onions, chicken broth. Once I got home, I sauteed a chicken breast and seasoned it with dried basil leaves, pink salt, and ground black pepper. Then shredded it. After prepping the rest of the ingredients, I added everything in a pot filled with hot chicken broth, seasoned it with some lemon and orange zest, tad of coconut oil, cover, and let it simmer.


Chicken soup as I will call it.

Afterwards, I made some stir fried broccoli pork low mien.


By the time I looked at the clock, it was time for me to get ready and go to my study’s house (don’t worry, my Mom was home to look over the stove). My study’s name is Cynthia and she is 8 years old. We haven’t studied for the past month and it’s hard to believe how much a child can grow when you don’t see them! We went over some of the videos online and did some activities from there. We made it a date to bake cookies (she likes to bake) and eat strawberry ice cream (her favorite) the next time we study. Her mom is such a sweetheart. Before I left, she gave me a bag filled with goodies. One of them was her homemade Taro pastry. Yes, homemade. And it’s Taro. I’ve been liking it very much lately.


Homemade taro cakes.

To end the night, Wednesdays is worship night. Today, my family and I watched one of our most favorite films from the society, Walk in faith not by sight. It is such an encouraging film, I never get tired of watching it. We had a discussion afterwards. I can’t wait wait our next worship night.

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