Car accident

So yesterday which was Friday, I was a witness of a brutal car accident.

It was in the evening, somewhere past 8pm. I had just finished dinner and left my house a few minutes after to go to Half Priced Bookstore to sell my old books. On my way there, I was driving behind a sedan that was obviously speeding way above the limit that was given. I felt quite unsafe behind the vehicle so with my instincts, I switched from the far left to middle lane. Just seconds after doing so, I heard a loud screech then a huge boom! I looked over to my rear view mirror and saw emergency lights flashing. I continued driving, telling myself to just focus on the road. That it wasn’t any of my business. But I couldn’t help, but feel worried. I tried to push it off, but the more I did, the more worried I felt. Because of so, I decided to make a U-turn and went back to the place I heard the loud crash.
During the way back, there was a lot of traffic due to the accident. I had the chance of ignoring the situation and could have gone back to the direction of where I was planning on earlier. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. After getting through traffic, I immediately pulled over to where the accident was and got out of my car. There was two cars involved. The sedan and a SUV. The SUV that was hit turned out to be okay. There was a family that had two babies. All were fine, not severely injured. But the sedan driver on the hand was severe. After the family and I got to know each other, I went to check on the sedan driver. She was in her mid young 40’s. Her head was bleeding and she seemed to be unconscious. Half of her car from front to middle was completely smashed together. Airbags inside was all popped out. Blood splattered all over in the front of the passenger seat. I remember during the time of waiting for the cops an ambulance arrive, the family in the car did not pay any attention to the injured woman. Not even bother to ask her anything as if she wasn’t there. I understand it was her fault, but at the state she was in, she deserved to be treated as a human being and not looked down. So I stayed with her until the authorities came. For some reason, I felt so bad for her. After the cops and ambulance came, they got my information and asked what I saw and listed me as a witness. I left afterwards.
Even though I was just a witness and didn’t get injured in any way, hearing those loud sounds was a pain. For a moment after it happened, I felt like my heart skipped a beat. It made me realize more how precious life is, especially on the road. It made me think about being more safe while driving and not to be distracted. That your life can end in a matter of seconds if you’re not careful.


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