October/November’s Re(ad)commendations

T I P - The International Passion

I know. I know. I know.

I missed October’s Re(ad)commendations, and the sheer guilt of it has been plaguing me ever since. Seeing as my personal motto is “work smart, not hard”, I’ll make it up to you with this article that has been specially designed to incorporate both last month’s as well as this month’s book recommendations. Two birds one stone and such. Without further delay (because you’ve already waited over a month), let’s get started.

1. The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

     By: Kody Keplinger

via goodreads.com via goodreads.com

When to read it: When you’re looking for an easy read, perfect for winter days when it’s way too col for your brain to struggle through something more… academic, per-say.

What it’s about: As an overly cynical teenage girl, Bianca has a plethora of issues, including problems at home she needs a distraction from. Along comes Wesley Rush, a…

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