Snoozing, hospital, family

I planned to go out in service and do a few RVs nearby early this morning, but ironically I overslept. I put my alarm clock to go off at 7am, but I ended up sleeping way past through it until 10am. It seems like everyone around me is getting sick and I’m getting caught up on it also. I woke up with the same outfit I had on the night before since I went straight to bed after I got home last night, not even bothering to change into sweats and t-shirt. I forgot to take my makeup off which I regret so much. To all of the beauty bloggers; I know, I know.. it’s very important to take off your makeup before you go to bed. One of the first things you need to do before going to sleep. Charged guilty. I also have runny nose, sore throat, and red eyes. I didn’t get much sleep last night. But I’m glad I’m alive.
As I was getting ready to get on with my day, I received a phone call from a hospital. Turns out, one of my Uncles that is a dialysis patient has been admitted to the ER and he needs me to come down. With my car situation, I had no idea what to do. It’s still in a drive-able condition so I headed down to the hospital. Once I got there, I waited with him and got him situated with the Doctors with what’s going on until he was put into a room. He’s okay, he just needs to get dialysis done. Before you know it, my phone was ringing and it was my Aunt. Both her and her husband were not able to carpool with anyone to work so they needed me to drive them and babysit their boys in the meantime they’re working and when my other Aunt picks them up. I had no choice, but drive down and help them.
After my other Aunt came and picked them up — another relative called! (jk), I drove home. On the way, I passed by where the accident occurred yesterday and flashbacks started to hit me. The situation, the shock. I pulled over to a parking lot and regained myself. Telling myself I’m okay and good thing I’m still alive. Although the accident was not severe, the shock was still there. And unfortunately, I’m still trying to get past it. I was not injured very much, but my head does still hurt a tad. I’m not dead outside, but I kind of feel like I am inside (figuratively speaking, of course). I didn’t know what to do, but just sit in my car and prayed to Jehovah thanking him for the many blessings and I’m still here. I prayed so much for strength and courage. I think I spent half an hour in my car praying and at the same time crying. I honestly thought my eyes was out of water last night, but it just came out of me like a waterfall. I didn’t hold back, but just let it come out. After picking myself up, I knew I needed to keep myself occupied. I went to the nearest bookstore and just spent a few hours in there browsing through books and read book after book. During sometime last night, I came across a post from @theinternationalpassion posted about these monthly book recommendations. One stood out to me. So when I was at the bookstore, I checked out The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls which quickly became another favorite book of mine which I will definitely re-read again.

It’s currently 5pm now and I finally have time for myself. Once I got home earlier, I cooked a few dishes with whatever I found around the house. I made Chicken Parmesan Pasta, Smoked Salmon Porridge, Greek Salad, and a Strawberry Blueberry smoothie. Obviously, I was hungry (when am I not?). And I have the habit to keep cooking dish after another. And eating in between. Now I think I’m just going to take a nap.


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