Preparation for meeting


I’ve always prepared in Vietnamese either for the Watchtower, Theoretic School, Service Meeting. But lately, I’ve been doing something different. I notice that these past study articles hasn’t been easy for me to fully understand which has been making me not comment as much as usual. So I’ve gotten to a good and enjoyable habit of preparing both in Vietnamese and English. I’d read the material in Vietnamese then English. After that, I would compare the two and later listen to the audio (if available) online in the  Watchtower Library. I don’t just do this for meetings, but also for personal study recently. I’ve realized it makes me grow more, mentally and improving of using vocabularies in both languages. Honestly, it is a challenge and takes up a little bit more time than usual, but it is so worth it. I’m happy with this studying method, because I can actually see myself improve and build a closer relationship with Jehovah.


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