RosieJoe & KimYang Adventures || Picnic date with RosieJoe

Rosie had brought up an idea of trying a new a cuisine each month a few months ago as something we will do together. I thought it was such a sweet idea, I absolutely loved it!



We decided to go for Italian. By the time of our date, I had gotten into a car accident and I was timid to get back behind the wheel. Rosie was sweet enough to come pick me up and we went to a nearby park by my house and had a little picnic, Italian themed. I made the main dish: Chicken Parmesan Pasta. She brought sides: salad, crackers and a few deli meats with drinks. We had such a lovely time. I really felt very loved that somebody wanted to plan such a wonderful afternoon with me.



A surprise RosieJoe had got me before we headed out for our picnic was a picnic basket! I’ve never had a picnic basket before and had always wanted one. She surprised me with a cute little one. Not just that, but there were more surprises in there! A gluten free chocolate chip cake from her workplace, a vintage teal colored tea cup set, few candle jars which I will definitely use in my new place once I get one and something that has been my most favorite, an apron. A cute skirt apron! I loved all of it. I wanted to cry when opening them up.

opening Rosie's gift IMG_4756


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