Mental attraction > physical attraction

When you are attracted to someone mentally, it’s far more different than being attracted to a person physically. I love it when I’m having a good conversation with someone. Not the “How was your day” kind. But the kind where you just get to experience the other person’s brain. And it doesn’t have to be with the opposite sex, it can just be the same. To get into their thoughts, goals, motivation. To be inside of their mind, experiencing an adventure of your own while listening to theirs. The kind of conversation where you two can just go on talking for hours, endlessly in such a free way. You don’t get tired of listening to them talk, because even the sound of their voice soothes you. There’s just something beautiful about those deep conversations. Because you get to see the other person in a whole completely new way. You just get lost in thoughts. You’re lured into this mental attraction and what makes it more amazing is the other person is allowing you to get into their mind, sharing their thoughts with you. It doesn’t matter what you talk about. It can even the about the most boring thing ever, like milk. But you’ll still have a good conversation, because the enjoyment is there. I love it when someone talks about something they are passionate about, in a passionate way. Like, they’re so excited about it when they’re talking about it. And when your thoughts are combines with theirs and they’re aligned so perfectly, it’s like both of your thoughts are dancing together in a smooth rhythm. I love it when I have a good conversation with someone about things more deeper than the basics. It’s those type of conversations that makes you connect with someone on such a mind opening level. People who are like that are ones that motivate you and are such great companions to have in your life.


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