Beautifully flawed


With this skin condition, it’s annoyingly frustrating. Especially these past few nights, I haven’t gotten much of sleep, because of flare ups. I’d only get an hour of sleep then wake up with an excruciating pain of burning and bleeding, fighting the urge to itch for hours until my body allows me to fall asleep again. Come to think about it, my body looks like it just came out of a war during times like this.

It recently spread close to my eyes. I feel like I have the aroma of onions in my eyes all the time every where I go. Kind of funny, because I’d start to shed a few tears randomly and it looks like I’m crying. And people are just so confused. Like, I’d be having a conversation with someone and suddenly, I have tears running down my face like I just got heart broken.

But with this condition, it has kept me on my toes of finding different remedies and trying new things. For instance, Moroccan Aragon oil. I’ve never heard of it before until two months ago when coming across an article about it online. I read that it helps with skin conditions. Keeping it hydrated and also sooth inflammation. I gave it a try and now I can’t live without it! It has helped my skin a lot, especially with the dryness. And what I love about it is it lasts throughout the day and doesn’t leave a greasy after feeling.

Another thing is diet. I’ve always enjoyed researching different benefits of different types of foods. With psoriasis, it has motivated me to do more research and I’ve learned a lot the past few years, especially more these past six months. I’ve eliminated most of the foods I had consumed in a daily basis in the past with new ones and trying to find different substitutions which is cruelly fun for me, because I’ve been introduced to so many foods I’ve never heard or had before! I have to say though, it is extremely hard. Eliminating foods that you eat on a daily basis does make your body a tad crazy. To be honest, I have had a few cheat days and I do regret them the very next day. I can’t tell you how hard it is.. but I’m not giving up.

It does suck being even more flawed than I already am, but I keep learning and finding new things about myself and what I can do every day. To me, it’s like an adventure with a bit of mystery. Kind of like myself.


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