Hummus Turkey Quesadillas

My last post about Gluten Free Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado Sauce had such great feedback, thank you all very much! Today is another healthy dish I’ve come up with quesadillas. I know one of most important ingredients inside a quesadilla is the cheese. It’s the cheese that pulls everything together. So what did I think of a healthy substitution for it? Hummus! Honestly, I’ve never been a hummus fan until an hour ago. I’ve tried it once before in the past and never touched one again. Until today, that is. I decided to give it another try and also add it to my diet. And oh my goodness, I understand why everyone loves it so much now!

I gathered up some ingredients I had around the kitchen: gluten free tortillas, spinach, purple onions, corn, ghee butter, lean ground turkey, and some herbs. I seasoned the ground turkey with salt, black ground pepper, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, ground cumin, and garlic powder. Everything pinch sized. On a hot oiled skillet, I cooked the meat until brown. Set aside.


In a separate hot oiled pan, I started off with sauteing the onions until slightly brown, added in corn, then spinach with a drizzle soy sauce. Yes, soy sauce!



Once everything was done cooking, I decided to warm up the tortillas on the skillet I used to cook the turkey with. Because being the person I am, not liking to do the dishes, I didn’t want to use add more in the sink. I started with getting a tsp. size of hummus and spreaded onto the tortilla. Added in the spinach, onions, corn, and turkey.

IMG_6026 IMG_6027 IMG_6029


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