“Continue encouraging one another”

This past week so far has been filled with nothing, but encouragement and genuine love. To begin, I was admitted into the hospital this past Monday due to being severely ill. My skin condition had increased largely over the past week and it got worse by each day to the point where I was close to not being able to breath. I was so terrified. I really felt like I could’ve died any minute. Before going to the hospital, I told my dear friend Rosie that I will admit myself in. She later came after work and kept me company throughout the whole situation of the first day. She was sweet enough to even stay overnight.

The first day was very long mostly, because it took us almost 10 hours of patiently waiting for an available room upstairs. But it helped a lot having Rosie with me. She was able to make me laugh like always to make me feel better and did her best to make things comfortable while it was hard to deal with.


Rosie works at a hospital(not at the one I stayed at), but I’m pretty sure if she was my Doctor, she’d know what she is doing. Love you, Rosie! As we waited some more throughout the night, Rosie had read to me from the 2015 Yearbook which was so encouraging to hear about other brothers and sister’s hardships and the blessings they’d received.

IMG_5967My Dad later came that night after our meeting and visited me along with bringing us some food to eat before he went home.


It was until I think around 2:30am that we finally got a room. I had a few hours of sleep until my first treatment. The treatment itself is pretty long and very uncomfortable, but when I woke up the next morning, I saw a huge improvement! An improvement that I’ve never seen before. I was completely shocked. I cried, because of how amazing it had looked. I’ve never seen my skin like that in years nevertheless, I even forgot how my skin would look like “normal”. Besides waking up to a great surprise, I had another surprise. My friend, Javier came to visit before going to work! We actually had plans to have some coffee that Tuesday before knowing I would end up in the hospital. He was kind enough not just to visit, but brought some gifts. He brought flowers (purple is my favorite color), some books since I like to read (his Bible, poems, mystery, comedy), and we conveniently had that coffee/tea of ours!



Just when I thought I was having a great day so far, more surprises happened! Tayler and Joshua wanted to surprisingly visit me which had worked, because I told everyone I will accept visitors after 2pm. It was so nice to see the both of them, because I haven’t been able to spend time with either and catch up since there were a lot of stuff going on with all three of us. So with the time we had, we got to catch up on each others lives with new things that’s been going on. Josh was sweet enough to get some sunflowers, which are my favorite kinds! I loved them.

IMG_5980 IMG_5989Throughout the day, I was accompanied with cards, reading books,, and text messages from loving friends. Telling me about their day, catching up, or just simply sending the most random thing to make me laugh.


The day later got even better when I got to see my family. Both people from my congregation and my parents and sister. The guys brought me some amazing food (enchiladas and tacos) and we had dinner together. As the day got late, that’s when I start to feel horrible. So having the company of them helped a lot to get me past the uncomfortable feelings.


Waking up the next morning, I was even more happy not just to see my skin, but received AMAZING news from the Doctors! Turns out, it will be pretty soon until my skin will get better. Hearing that, I thanked Jehovah so much. I can’t believe what I was seeing and being told. At that moment, I felt like nothing or anyone can bring me down. It’s been a challenge throughout these past few years, but I’ve endured it. Thanks to Jehovah and his strength, I’m excited to see how everything will turn out now.


Thank you so much for everyone and your support and love. Throughout this stay, I had realized people do love me and care for me much more than I thought they did. It shows me that only in Jehovah’s organization, you can find genuine love expressed with each other. There are not enough words to express how I am blessed and truly happy!






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