Last chapter, new book

Somebody once told me, “It’s not the end of the book, just chapter”. But I think sometimes, you need to end the book.

These past few recent months, it’s been a real struggle for me to let some things go. I’d say I’ve already let it go, yet I still find myself holding onto a little piece of it. It’s been unfair, frustrating, and confusing. I’ve realized I do not need those kind of feelings in my life. It’s painful to let go, really let go. But I guess what makes it a little more easy to do is realizing you deserve better. And you should never settle for less, even if it could make you happy; it won’t be long term.

This past week has helped me a lot through the love of my friends and family. I feel like I am glowing more! I’m so excited to continue seeing my skin clear and heal up. It’s definitely have been quite a journey coming to a temporary sweet end. I’ve been able to eat so much more food, especially foods I haven’t had in a long time. I think I even gained some.. but in the right places, haha! I know you guys have been seeing my food pictures on Snapchat. I’m making everyone hungry! My most favorite thing I’ve had this whole week would probably be crawfish. The last time I had crawfish would be three years ago. I got to eat 3 1/2 pounds of it this past Saturday with some good friends. Honestly, throughout this week, I’m as shocked as everyone else to see how much I can really eat. Since I’m no longer on restrictions, it feels amazing to eat food now. Good food. But that doesn’t mean I go all out! I still cook at home as much as I can and try to still eat healthy.

I’m really happy with myself right now and that’s probably one of the best feelings to experience. I’m ready to have a fresh start with what and who I have right now and try to not look back on what’s no longer there. I’m proud of myself for working hard and achieving my goals. I’m looking forward to making new memories and becoming a better me. I know as an imperfect human, there will be moments of weakness. But one thing I know for sure —- even with being imperfect, you can beat those moments with Jehovah’s help. I view every challenge I have and getting through them as something to build me stronger. I might feel like I made the wrong decision or unsure, but when looking ahead, I know it will benefit me. I’ve learned it’s better to do what’s best and feel pain rather than giving into that moment and have to experience a regretful pain to endure later on. I’ve started to move on from things, but now I’m taking another big step. Not just by closing the chapter, but also the book.

“A joyful heart is good medicine” —- Proverbs 17:22


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