Change is important


One of the exciting things I did during this month was turn my change into cash. I have this tall jar to put in my change and I try to fill it up within six months straight without taking even a penny out. I was asked how I was able to fill it up so quickly. It’s all that service change! I seem to find more change on the ground and the older friends would give me their leftover change when they use their cash. Even though it may be a little thing, saving up your change can really make a difference in how much you can actually get.

It made me realize how more important it is for us to save up, penny by penny. As a pioneer, it has taken me time to learn how to save and use my money in a wise way. A pioneer life can be different from someone who isn’t. Because either you are doing full time in the ministry or just half of the time, you sped a lot financially. From gas, because of driving all over the metroplex. But we do it, because we know we need to find people to share the truth with. For car fix ups, like new tires due to all of the driving we do, it wears off. The things that people do that are considered in their every day life, sometimes pioneers can’t do that, because they have a budget. For instance, in the pioneer meeting that I went to yesterday evening, our Circuit Overseer brought out an example of eating out after the meeting. It’s not a bad thing to do so, but in some circumstances, maybe a pioneer aren’t able to do so, because they need to save up.

But I do believe that we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves and not be very open up, financially; sticking to every penny. I’ve learned that there is happiness in living a simple life with enough to live with. You just have to be smart of knowing how to spend your money and saving it. Because you can definitely still go out and have fun. This year, I want to save up for a trip to Bethel in New York and a trip to go down to Austin, TX. I have never been back to Bethel ever since I was a toddler and it has been my dream to go back and learn more about our organization and actually seeing the action take place in person. I especially want to visit the Bethel located in  Patterson, New York. And for Austin, I want to go visit the Vietnamese group that is up there. I would like to spend a long weekend, flying there and flying back home, doing long day in service and get to know more of the congregation.

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