Being content with yourself

A French author named Georges Bernamos once wrote,

“Little things seem nothing, but they give peace. Like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless, but all together perfume the air”

I’ve always been the type of person who likes simpleness. But I also enjoy taking the pleasure of the little things. Like the smell of coffee in the morning, seeing the sunrise, dancing to your favorite song in the middle of the kitchen, enjoying the company of friends with a homemade cooked meal, a hot bubble bath, a good cup of tea. For the past few recent months, I have learned of taking pleasure in these little things even more and in many other ways. I’ve learned that true greatness is being great in little things. I also think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy. I don’t really have to travel all the way to Italy and have pasta there to have happiness or live in a mansion, I can just have a picnic at a park and find happiness there through the atmosphere, company, and food.

I’ve been making time to spend quality time with a few of my close loved ones. Starting from my best friend, Rosie. When we hang out together, I don’t really do anything fancy. We either have a small picnic, go out for lunch or dinner, go over each other’s for home cooked meals, or go to outdoor festivals. All these things has made me take so much more pleasure in the little things like a friend’s company, cherishing it.

I also make time for the older ones in my congregation. I usually take them to the meetings and back home afterwards. During those forty-five minutes car rides, so many moments are made. With experiences and jokes we make with each other. I always learn something new after each car ride and share something with the older ones by the time they arrive home. I think people underestimate the older generation which saddens me, because although they may be old in age, they are always young at heart. And you’ll soon realize that when you spend some one on one time with them. You’ll get to know their past and what they’ve been through. Their accomplishments, fears, goals, and encouraging experiences.

And for myself, one of the things I enjoy doing for me is cooking a nice homemade meal. I like to put on some music, prep, and let my mind be creative. I love the feeling of playing with different types of ingredients and making something wonderful out of it, using my brain and five senses.

Throughout all of these small moments, there’s something I’ve come to a conclusion to: the contentment of being content with yourself. Even though I am spending time with other people, I feel content with myself afterwards. I feel happy with what I have gotten to do and learn. And I think it’s so important for a person to be able to feel content with themselves, because it’s one of the most amazing feelings you could ever experience with yourself. You’re independent, but not lonely.

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