Busy Bee

A lot of people wonder how I maintain my schedule as it is, all filled up all the time. One thing I can say and a lot of you guys know this, I enjoy keeping myself busy. I enjoy using up my time. But it’s all about keeping everything balanced and have a schedule. I thought I would share with you all what my daily schedule is like:

I usually start my day out at 5am. I go out in the ministry from 5:30am – 9:30am. On my treatment days, I’d still start at 5:30am, but stop at 8am and meet with a nearby group or someone and continue service until I clock into work, depending what time I go in since my work schedule varies each week.

After work, I would take care of errands that I want to do before the weekend since I’d like to wind down at the end of the week. So it’d be better to take care those things early than late! Then I come home, usually cook myself and my sister dinner and have dinner with my family. And this is the tricky part of my day, because after dinner, something always seems to come up. So I could be going out to do more errands or just meet up with a friend to spend quality time with for an hour or two then go back home, end my night with a cup of tea and either a book or personal study.

But this is just a summary of it. Because on some evenings, instead of going out, I would stay home and finish housework or just spend some alone time. What I’ve realized an really enjoy is although is it a pain to wake up early, it’s worth it. Starting your day early allows you to do so much things. By noontime, you’d look back and feel great that half the things you needed to do has already been done! To me, that feels like a huge accomplishment. And I love starting my day early with service, because the people you never find at home, most likely, they may the people at the gas stations early in the morning. By the time I lay down on my bed at the end of the day and think about all the things I got to do, I love feeling proud of myself and feeling accomplished. Even with the little things like, taking care of that one faucet that’s been dripping in my bathroom. Or doing a long evening of personal study, hot shower, the many people I got to talk to in the ministry earlier in the day.

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