Things I learned this year

  • Remember at least three details about every person you meet. No matter how small or silly it is, it will always end up meaning a lot to them
  • The flaws on your skin is just a reminder you are strong and healing
  • It is okay to buy three of the same white t-shirts
  • Friendships are a lot like relationships, both take up a lot of time and investment into each other 
  • With that said, maintaining friendships are actually very hard 
  • Never go to Petland alone. Especially to the adopt the puppy station (that chocolate lab is still too adorable)
  • If you’re looking for a change, cut your hair. At least it’ll grow back
  • Drinking water as soon as you wake up is very beneficial 
  • It’s okay to say no to plans 
  • Eating a brownie when craving sweets is no bueno
  • Making homemade tortillas is actually quick and easy 
  • Pick a shade of lipstick that suits you and own it. Looks aren’t everything, but confidence is. And when you look good, you’ll feel good
  • Cable is a terrible investment,  Netflix is so worth it. Especially when they have all the seasons of Friends now
  • You see those dark circles going on? Stop worrying too much and remember Matthew 6.
  • Quad shot of express won’t hurt you very much if you put toffee nut in it 
  • It’s fun to do personal study with flash cards
  • Be adventurous and do different things. Kayaking was one of them being accomplished
  • Do not give up on a house that you haven’t met the person in it for a while. Different things can happen behind closed doors. Be patient and pray to find them again
  • If something or someone does not bring positivity to your life, get rid of it. This does not apply to food 
  • On top of that, if someone does not want to be in your life, don’t push it if you’ve done all in your part. Do not feel bad 
  • With those two being said, if a friend falls out of your life, don’t be afraid to pull them back. There’s no harm in rekindling a friendship. It’s very valuable 
  • Buying a fancy roll of bread is satisfying. If there’s anything to spend a lot of money on, let it be on quality food. Good food for the soul
  • Never lease a car again 
  • Spinach feta wrap is actually good. Don’t judge foods just because they have spinach in them 
  • It’s okay to go back to places where you made memories as long as you don’t let them bring you down 
  • You need a day for yourself each week. Even if that means going to your work place on an off day to read a book with a cup of tea 
  • Although expected, you do not need to figure out your whole life right now. You can be 25 and still haven’t figured out everything yet and it’s okay. Take it day by day, just breathe
  • It’s okay to get a little chubby. It’s going to happen either way. At least you can fit into your jeans comfortably now, so get over it 
  • Understand value before cost
  • Always have a water bottle, tampons, and baby wipes in your car (oh yeah, and spare clothes and a blanket too)
  • Learning how to change a flat tire is actually very handy (ain’t got no time waiting for a man to come) 
  • If you’re texting someone and nervous to send it, send it anyways. You didn’t spend all that time typing and then deleting it. Send it and get over it 
  • Don’t forget to remind your friends how much they mean to you
  • Do not over work yourself 
  • You look good in black 
  • You can get a lot done in an hour. Don’t be in that burrito in the morning for an extra 15 minutes. Before you know it, two hours has passed and it’s noon already 
  • Face masks are essential 
  • Cucumber is a great detox vegetable 
  • Morning jogs in the Winter are fantastic 

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