“Don’t worry, it gets better”

This month started out with so many events. My Uncle who has kidney disease was in the hospital again due to some problems regarding to his access. He had to undergo a few risky surgeries. A few days after he was admitted into the hospital, I got a call saying that two of my Aunts (one of them was my Uncle’s wife) was hit by a truck that was turning on a light on the opposite of the road. It was a very huge accident, but both are doing okay. It doesn’t stop there though. On that same day, I received a call from another hospital saying my other Aunt was admitted from work. She had fainted and was two months pregnant. She had to undergo a surgery that she lost so much blood from. Unfortunately, she lost the baby. She’s still slowly recovering from everything, so am I.

I was going to different hospitals to visit each person and also translating/interpreting, coming home very late almost every night around 3am. I literally thought I was going to be crazy from everything that was going on. My family, including relatives depend on me on almost everything in their life. At times, it is overwhelming to take in. But I try my very hardest to not let it frustrate me, but instead view it as something positive. Especially with my parents being gone for a month to go on vacation to Vietnam, I am home with my sister. I have more responsibilities to do and take care of the house on my own.

Now that everyone is home and recovering on their own with time and medicine, I need to start relaxing with myself and recover also.Those few weeks had taken a lot out of me; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

But if I could say something about this year, it would be that I’ve learned everything will work out in its own way. Jehovah will always provide you the strength that you need to endure and get through your problems.  I can say that ending this year will be on good note.

A few highlights during this month of December so far:

  • Yesterday (12-12-15) I got to attend a country concert for the very first time. And what made it special was I went with my best friend. She had surprised me with tickets two months ahead, knowing that I love the band, Dan+Shay who was going to open for Tyler Farr ad Lee Brice. The concert was amazing
  • I finally got in touch with a return visit that I’ve been trying to find at home for the past year and half
  • Attended the last Assembly “Imitate Christ” in Spanish
  • Discovered my favorite iced coffee which happens to be my next go-to drink
  • Went bowling for the first time

Through it all, I am very blessed and happy to share not just my good, but also during times of distress with a special someone who’s been my rock.  And I’m very happy to be ending this year with him and continuing on this journey with him in this upcoming year.

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