December Foodie Adventures

During this month, I had a few foodie adventures that I’d like to share which I will do for each month now. To share with you all new or favorite foods that I have come across trying as for something new to blog about!

The first one is macaroon. It’s a small circle shaped cake that comes in different colors with either flavored cream or jam inside. I have never tried a macaroon before (yeah, I know) and it’s on my “to try foods” list. In my mind, macaroon would be something would change your life forever after you take a bite into it. Unfortunately, that was not my case. When I bit into my small purple blueberry (which did not taste like blueberry), the outside was crusty. To me, it tasted like a toasted croissant. Inside was a jelly filling. Most people think it’s amazing and life changing. But at least now I can say I have had macaroon before and it is crossed off on my list.


Something else that was completely different I got to try was an Indian smoothie+ice cream dessert, falooda. This dessert reminded me of Vietnamese cold beverages that are considered desserts, just because they were both cold, slurp-able, and weird. The first one a tried was fruity which I did not like at all. This type of beverage has spaghetti in it. Yes, you read correctly. Why did I try it? Because if my friend, Rachel who was very picky eater liked it, I would too. The second was something I loved. Same beverage, different flavor. I forgot what was the name of it, but all I know is every time I go out for India food, my most favorite thing to eat is their rice pudding. It tastes like Mexican arroz con leche. So what else is better to have an arroz con leche flavored cold beverage (despite the spaghetti)!

I have never been very opened to trying different Korean dishes, because there are just so many, I never been able to make my mind. But my boyfriend is Korean, I’ve been slowly opening up to the Korean food world. Which may I say, is incredible. I had Korean style Orange Chicken and ate some of my friend’s Kimchi Noodles (I’m currently craving for it right now as I’m blogging about it). The flavors of these both was mind blown. It was so full of flavor! I will definitely go back and have one of these dishes again. I’ve never had so much flavor in one dish before,. So this was very new to me.


My sister and I went to a hole in a wall coffee shop that has become a favorite place to go and spend time at, Mudsmith located in Dallas. I got a coconut latte which was actually good considering coconut milk at cafes usually don’t taste like coconut. Even though it was in a busy and noisy neighborhood, inside was quiet and pleasant.


If you know me, you will know that I am an inner Mexican. And one of my favorite places is El Pollo Regio. I have never had any other meal there besides the quesadillas, loaded potato, and tacos. I got the burrito meal that came with arroz y frijoles. And I love their horchata too.

IMG_2965 (1)

Last thing I want to share is actually from one of my roots, Vietnamese. I had gone out to dinner with my family to our favorite restaurant, Bistro B one evening. I had always seen this appetizer every time I go there, just hesitant to get it. But I am so glad I finally gave in a chance of trying it. This is Vietnamese Duck Tacos (VietMex, no surprise). One thing I love most about this was the soft taco shell. It was sweet and so fluffy. And the soy sauce that was served with is tangy and sweet, making the whole appetizer very satisfying. I highly recommend anyone who goes here get this!



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