Goodbye 2015, hello 2016

If I can sum up 2015, it would be: everything will work itself out. 

I have spent this past year worrying about so many things, I have recently learned how to take it day by day only worrying about the things that I am able to handle and enjoy the good times when I have them (Matt 6:34).

As this year was ending, I feel like I was blooming. I have become stronger and stood firm on my ground with my relationship with my family and my relationship with Jehovah. I’ve recently learned more about what I want, what I need, and what my limitations are. I’ve learned that it is hard to accept a love that is not what you want or expect it to be, but you just have to accept it like how it is. I have decided to focus more on myself and do what I want, to become better.

It has taken a lot for me to accept my relationship with my family, especially my Father. It has always been a roller coaster. Now that I am getting older, I have realized many things I didn’t before. Things that has made me understand myself more and made me face reality. I just put up with it so long, I have grown weary and unhappy for the longest I can remember. But now, I feel like a butterfly in its transition from inside of a chrysalis slowly growing its wings and form, waiting for its time to break out of the shell to become a beautiful butterfly.

I remember last week at my meeting, there was a talk in the school regarding about praying to Jehovah, venting as if he were your own Father . I remember specifically a point that was mentioned: pray to Jehovah, asking him to give you more strength than you have right now. I thought that was very encouraging. Living in a distracting world, I know for myself, I tend to forget to ask for more strength than what I have already. So I took that reminder to heart and a daily goal to include in my prayers.

For this upcoming year of 2016, my goal is to enjoy the happy and free moments and be prepared for whatever that is going to happen. I want to become a better woman, a dependable and true friend, spiritual role model, understanding girlfriend, patient daughter, and loving sister.



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