First day of January

Some people view a new year is nothing different, but a number. But for me, I personally feel like last year was and this year will be meaningful. I’ve never been the person to wait until the new year to make changes. Although for this year, it was a nice transition and made me feel different.

For the first day, I feel like it was more productive than I thought. With my service plans being changed, I stayed in this morning and had family worship with Alex. We’ve been studying in the Family Happiness book and today’s study was actually a little longer than our other ones. It was almost for two hours!

Earlier last week, I had gone to Chase bank to open a checking account. This was my very first time making my own checking account and having my own debit/credit card. I felt like it was a huge accomplishment. And today was my first time making a transaction with it, so I was very proud of myself.


Today also marks my last day at my Starbucks store in Dallas. I will start my transfer at another store in Garland which is much near my house next week which I am very excited about. I look forward to working with the new team, new store, and new neighborhood. Not just that, but I am also doing another herbal treatment that involves being on a very strict diet once again. I will have to do this treatment for one whole year. I’m kind of nervous, but all I can do it just give it a chance and be optimistic!


To end tonight’s post, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Daily Text. It is an excellent reminder for us that Jehovah God will always take care of us and that we should never take blessings for granted. Like it brought out, living in this materialistic world, it can cause us to want more instead of being content with what we already have. It helps me to have that mindset and attitude.




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