“Your law is deep within me”


This past weekend, I got the privilege to attend an English pioneer meeting and my own Annual Pioneer Meeting. Both had different themes, but it was my very first time attending an English pioneer meeting. Every time I attend an English and Vietnamese Assembly or spiritual gathering, each one has a different impact on me. English makes sense, but Vietnamese touches my heart.

The talk for the English Meeting was about improving our skills on illustrations. One of the points that I personally really enjoyed that I’d like to share with you all is an illustration with something we are all familiar with and could be using in our every day life: #2 pencil.

When we think about the #2 pencil as an illustration of using the eraser to erase whatever we wrote, symbolizing Jehovah’s forgiveness. When he forgives, he does not remember anything. But something that could be added into that illustration is, when you scribble down something and erase it, it usually leaves a smudge. Rarely you would not see a mark left behind, right? The point  brought out was, as imperfect humans, we may forgive, but we might either hold a grudge or don’t fully forget. Just like that small smudge left behind on the paper. But to Jehovah, when he forgives, it’s as if there is no smudge. More like, the paper that was written on, was crumbled and thrown away and a new page is being replaced, completely gone. That’s how strongly Jehovah forgives and it is a great example for us to not only use, but apply in our life when it comes to forgiving others.

Although the meeting was for pioneers, this is something everyone can use. And it made me have a goal of trying to find something that we use in our daily life as an illustration to use in the ministry!


In the Vietnamese annual pioneer meeting, a scripture I personally enjoyed that I also want to share is located in Psalms 37:5a, “Commit your way to Jehovah”. If you look after “to”, there is a footnote. The footnote mentions literally, “roll your way upon”. I round it very interesting. To “roll” your problems to Jehovah. This has always been something I’ve been working more hard on, but after reading this scripture and doing research on it, what was being brought out was when you roll something, it’s not hard. As long as there is a push, it will roll. So when it comes to personal problems and the struggles we have in our life, we need to “roll” our problems to Jehovah.






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