Catch up

For the longest time in the past four years, it has always been my long term goal of attending pioneer school. Today I got my materials to start studying for the school next month. No words can express how happy I am and proud that I have made it this far. So much more is waiting to happen and I am excited to see what they are.


Over the past two months, the Vietnamese congregation has been growing. I remember we were a group for 15+ years than finally became a congregation for 2 years. Just two months ago, it was bittersweet for us to part. The Vietnamese now have a group located in Garland that is being sponsored by an English Hall and the congregation is in Arlington which a little bit over an hour away. I miss the other part of the Vietnamese so I’ve been trying to together with a few friends up there every week. But what is very encouraging at the meeting is we have talks and parts recorded all the way from Vietnam! It is sad that we don’t comment during most of the meeting, to see the hard work that the friends from the other side of the world that the work is currently banned is beyond encouraging and truly a blessing from Jehovah to let us still go to meetings and receive our spiritual food.


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