My tongue and brain was as one

Last month was very stressful with work. I had found another job at a dry cleaners, but still kept my old one at Starbucks. I was juggling two jobs at once. Even though I worked one day a week at Starbucks, it was still a lot. Fridays were my 15 hours shift since I would work at both jobs, back to back. Not to mention the next morning I have early morning service and a full day in service. The first two weeks of the job was not working out. Being the stubborn self I am, I stuck with it, hoping it’d get better. It was exhausting and I did not get enough rest making my health go down.

I had prayed for a better job. I really like Starbucks because of the flexibility of scheduling, because it allowed me to pioneer freely. All thanks to Jehovah, I was able to come back full time with a better pay and scheduling. Everything I needed at the most perfect time.

One my last day at the cleaners, I had encountered an unique experience.

As I was leaving for my other shift, a coworker had stopped me. I did not tell much of the people at the plant I was leaving. So he found out minutes afterwards. Him and I had a long conversation, starting to get to know each other. His daughter works at the store on the weekends. As we were talking, I got the chance to witness to him. One of the questions he asked was why my Spanish was different from other Hispanics that was there. For instance the word, mande. I was the only person using it. He was very shocked. He was even more surprised when I told him why I know Spanish and that I am trying to learn. Our conversation was around twenty five minutes, mostly in Spanish. It was amazing, because I did not have to pause and think about what to say. Everything came out of my mouth so naturally.. I’ve never experienced it before. And I know it was for sure, Jehovah’s help. I could not have talked on my own. I ended up placing one tract, a brochure, and an invitation to the meeting!

He is now my ongoing return visit.

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