Spiritual Gems

I personally really enjoyed the spiritual gems we’ve had at the meeting in our workbook the past few weeks. I’d like to share my comments on it. (I don’t have a Spanish keyboard on hand so the comments in Spanish is the best as is without accents).

  • Proverbs 15:15 How can we find greater joy in life?

We don’t want Satan to grasp our happiness with every day problems. If we view everything negatively, we will feel “afflicted” and every day will appear bad. But if we focus on positive things, we will have a “cheerful heart” and feel happy.

The choice is ours.

No queremos que Satanas nos robe nuestra felicidad con los problemas. Si vemos todo lo negativo nos vamos a sntir “afligido”. Pero si centramos en lo positivo, vamos a tener un banquete constantemente y sentiremos muy felices nos.

  • What does this week’s Bible reading teach me about Jehovah?

Proverbs 5:21 Jehova Dios ve todo. Nuestro mayor incentivo para mantener la pureza moral es tener nuestros caminos y nos va a pedir cuentas de lo que hagamos.

  • Proverbs 20:25 How does this scripture apply to marriage and dating?

Marriage is sacred. We want to be prepared and know what is involved before marriage. We do not want to regret making the decision, because we weren’t ready.

El matrimonio es muy sacrado. Queremos ser sabios, preparado, y saber lo que esta implicado en la matrimonio. No queremos lamentarnos y vivir infeliz despues del matrimonio, porque no estabamos listos.

  • What does this week’s Bible reading teach me about Jehovah?

Proverbs 18:14 Jehovah gives us the strength to be positive. Health problems or every day life difficulties can lead to negative feelings. But with the help of Jehovah, “A person’s spirit can sustain him through illness”.

Jehova puede darnos la fuerza que necesitamos para ser positivo. Hacer frente a la enfernidad o problemas cronicos de vida puede conducir a sentimientos negativos. Pero con la ayuda de Jehova, “El espíritu de un hombre* puede soportar su dolencia”.

  • Proverbs 24:30-34 Jehovah does not like laziness. For example, excessive entertainment or social media can decrease our spiritual health and leads to mental laziness. This makes me want to become a hard worker, have priorities, and use my time wisely.

Jehova no le gusta pereza. Por ejemplo, el exceso de entretenimiento o medios sociales hace disminuir el apetito por el salud espiritual y conduce a la pereza mental. Esto hace que quiera ser un trabajador duro, tener prioridades, y utilizar mi tiempo sabiamente.



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