Mai Gems: October

My best friend, @shulammitegirl has a series where she posts her monthly highlights. I’m a big fan of these posts of hers and I would love to start doing the same. I will call mine, “Mai Gems” (get it?) I think this will be good, because it will make me think back to the previous month and ponder on what I’ve done. I know for myself, I do not remember everything I do every day. But when I take time to meditate on some highlights, it makes me remember I’ve been productive and actually have accomplished things whether it is big or small. It’s the small things that count!


For the month of October, here are a few of my highlights:

  • had my very first Spanish return visit, informally
  • started a new job
  • had the guts to quit the new job
  • returned to the previous job with better pay/schedule
  • took one whole week off and made it very productive in the ministry
  • went to Half Priced Bookstore
  • tried eggnog for the first time (not a fan)
  • conducted a bible study for the first time in Spanish
  • got handed over a return visit
  • spent time getting know an elderly sister more in the congregation
  • first family worship with a couple
  • tried Einstein Bagels for the first time (changed my bagel life)
  • satisfied my taco love at my favorite taco shop
  • discovered the artist, Gavin James
  • ate menudo
  • pet a Dalmatian
  • privileged to attend three different hospitality dinners
  • survived without my phone

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