Dealing with health problems

Coming to the colder weather, my health decreases due to inflammation and pain. This week for my personal study, I decided to do research on health problems and how to keep a positive mindset. I think everyone, young or old goes through something in their health. They just don’t show it visibly on the outside like mine. For me, some days are better than others. Other days, it’s crucial pain. As much as I love the cold weather, I also dread it. It makes it hard to move, because my joints are stiff and I am constantly cold like a popsicle. It’s very uncomfortable. This past week I have not been feeling very good and feel discouraged. I haven’t had a lot of energy to go out in service like I wish to. I always try to be positive and have a smile on my face, but there are times where I can’t. I am proud of myself for being able to go out early morning service today. It was the first time I went out during this whole week.

A few things I enjoyed from studying when dealing with illness was, one way to show that we trust in Jehovah is to ask him for help to endure. I really like the scripture, Philip. 4:13

For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.

I want to ask Jehovah for the strength I need to cope and remain faithful towards him, no matter how much pain I could be in. Personally for me, I need to work more on this. Because when I am caught up in being in pain, I forget everything else and just focus on it, trying to fight my own self from doing something I would regret towards my body.

Another scripture that made me meditate on with a different viewpoint was Matthew 5:29,30. I’ve always read this scripture thinking that it would apply to fighting against fleshly sinful desires. Even though it is not sinful, letting my fleshly illness could make it a trap for myself to fall out from this race, because I could be so occupied focusing on myself and problems, I lose energy or more importantly, a balanced positive of what I am supposed to be doing since this is all temporarily. My attitude should be different from others that have “no hope”, who think that this life is all there is. I want to remain faithful and have a strong grip on the real life in the future and have a “cheerful heart”.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with health problems

  1. I don’t know what kind of health problem donyou have, but your attitude towards it its an outstanding example to many of us, I feel sorry for you going trough something like that, I feel its not fair, but then I feel impressed on how you are taking that challenge.
    When you are “healthy”, nobody’s 100% healthy in this system of thibgs, you tend to worry for ridiculous things, and when you how the basic things, something you take for granted, its a challenge for someone else, you feel as a fool.
    I would like to encourage you, as you may know better than, all of this is temporal, we only need to wait for Jehovah and his future blessings.

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