“Have an interchange of encouragement” Rom. 1:11,12

This past weekend was very special for me.

I had the privilege to attend the Annual Pioneer Meeting in Spanish. There aren’t enough words to express how happy I am to be part of it. Not being able to attend the English this year had made me sad, but all thanks to Jehovah, I was able to attend the Spanish. The meeting was held at our Assembly hall. 310 people attended. It was my first time attending the meeting at an Assembly hall with that many people! It was very encouraging to see all the pioneers in the circuit, young and elderly. Listening to different experiences and how they got into the pioneer work. Also to remember what it is being a pioneer and how to help out others, seeking others interests first. Remembering to always continue encouraging one another.


Cindy & I

I remember as I was driving to the pioneer school, I was shocked and amazed. I couldn’t believe with Jehovah’s help, I’ve come this far. I was crying with happiness, because earlier that morning, my elder had sent me wonderful news. And to top that day off, attending the meeting was something I thought I was not able to do this year.

The next day I attended the Assembly. What made this Assembly special to me is it was my first official Español Assemblea. The other times I was just visiting. This time, I went on my own, with my congregation. I didn’t feel alone. I felt at home.


It has been seven months since I’ve been with the Spanish. Just a few months away from a year! I’ve grown a lot with the Spanish. I love everyone in the congregation. With my parents the Vietnamese and me in the Spanish, I do not feel alone when I go to meetings, service, or spiritual gatherings. Some people think I feel lonely, but it’s the complete opposite. The congregation has become like my own family. Even though I go alone, I never feel like I am. I have a strong support from everyone and that is something I cherish very much. So much has been done, many waiting to be accomplished!


My first assignment in Spanish doing the contribution box!


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