Keeping things balanced

With a full time job, pioneering, and learning a foreign language; it is very hard to remain balanced. Of course, with Jehovah’s help and learning how to prioritize, it isn’t impossible.

Today’s Watchtower article was very encouraging, focusing on maintaining your spiritual health while serving in a foreign language. Moving into a foreign language from a foreign language does make me value the need and how much opportunities there are you can take advantage of while you are young and single. When I was in the Vietnamese, although I needed to study in both Vietnamese and English, it was not hard for me since I know both. I did not need to make as much time as I do now since I am in the Spanish.

Now I have to make more time than before. My personal studies are different. I have one day where I do my normal personal study and on another day, it’s mostly focused on theocratic in Spanish. Then I set aside time throughout the week to study for my weekday meeting and Watchtower. Not to mention additional time to study Spanish and review my comments. On top of that, my pioneering and job along with responsibilities at home.

At times I get worn out and get discouraged, because I feel like I can’t do it. Mostly, because I want to improve so fast, I get impatient with myself. It still is hard for me at meetings to understand everything the brother says. It is frustrating when you want to do more, but your body simply cannot. But that’s where Jehovah comes in and gives me the push of motivation that I need to not give up. Once again, I cannot express how much I love my congregation. Because of the support and love that I get, it really is what pushes me to do more. I’m not alone. Jehovah knows what I need and has given it to me more than I’d imagined.

Regular personal study, reading the scriptures, and meditating on those things is something else that helps enormously. When I meditate on what I read, in a way, I allow Jehovah to talk to me. Anyone can read the Bible. But when you really ponder on the things you’ve read, it makes it so much more meaningful and intense. That was something Daniel experienced. I remember in the Watchtower study article, he read the “holy books” and maintained his spiritual health with Jehovah God. He did not want to sin and make Jehovah sad. He did everything he could to grow and remain faithful to Jehovah.

So what I do is I plan my two weeks. I put it in schedule for service, work, studies, errands, ect. I have it on my tablet so it will be easier for me to keep. I used to carry a planner around, but I now use my tablet and my planner at home for more personal things and financial planning. I love color coordinating! For instance, my favorite color is purple. I decided to use purple for the ministry. Blue is for going out, orange for errands, so on. I try to make it fun for myself when I plan my two weeks. Plus every time I look at my calendar, it makes me happy seeing it filled with different colors! This is a way I remain balanced: is to have a schedule and prioritize things in my life as needed. It’s all about knowing what is most important in my life and setting goals accomplish it.


I’ve learned that it is insanely important to have a rest day. It’s okay to miss a day or morning out in service. Jehovah will understand. I used to feel so bad for missing a day in service, but I needed it. My body needs it. I’ve learned that even if I do push myself, it’s not healthy to go into the ministry and be distracted due to my health. I want to give Jehovah my all, but in a positive and healthy manner. Not to go just to make hours. What’s important is when I go out, the all that I give to Jehovah is pure and healthy. It also affects other people around me. So to also have brotherly love towards them, I do not want to worry others and make them feel bad.

A few questions I ask myself are: What more can I do for Jehovah? In what ways can I contribute to the congregation more? Which of the older friends need a ride to service or meetings? How can I encourage the young ones? Who should I make plans to go out with this week? How can I improve in my comments and in the ministry? Am I keeping things prioritize from work and my relationship with Jehovah?  In what ways am I showing Jehovah I trust Him?

“For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.”

Philippians 4:13


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