Sometimes change is good

Cliche as this is, but this year has taught me a lot.

One word that I can sum it up would be: growth. I feel like this year was a huge highlight for me compared to the last past few years. A lot of different things had happened. They somehow aligned with one another, building me up. I have to say, it was all thanks to Jehovah. Without the difficulties and changes, I wouldn’t be where I am right now — happy and striving.

Remembering back, I began the beginning of the year in a relationship. But it ended, all for the better. I remember it was a big hit for me. My whole life was about to change. A change that I was not ready for. I was still holding onto things that I just could not let go. I knew I needed a change. But somewhere I could grow in and not change completely and move my life somewhere.

I can’t remember everything that happened throughout this year. All I can remember is I got to attend pioneer school which was one of the biggest highlight in my life. A whole week with no work. Just spiritually, emotionally, and mentally focused in school with people who shared the same goals as I and created lifelong friendships.

I learned that I had to go through a lot of different obstacles to finally get where I needed to be with Jehovah’s help. I learned a few things the hard way. Painful ways. There were months I was just completely drained, but I made it out alive. Blossoming as a result.

I learned to let go a few things — needed things. And to acceptance. It took some time and will always be a part of me, but what’s important is I remember what it taught me. It’s hard to move on, but that is life. If you are moving backwards or just being at the same place, you’re not doing it right. Of course moving forward does not mean it will always be perfect. There will be bumps down down that road. What matter is how you handle those bumps.

Do you just drive over it, ending with a damaged tire? Or slow down, seeing what’s ahead and try your best to go over it?

Part of moving on does not necessarily mean you forget everything in the past. It’s good to look back and understand what you left behind. Some things you never have closure. But that does not mean you can’t give yourself the closure you need. And it can be scary, because then you realize things you did not before. Things you wish you knew or accepted. Still, you can only decide if it stops you from moving forward or not. Because at some point, you need to let go and embrace what you have ahead.

I had to let go of some people in order to gain some. But it also made me cherish the people that I have in my life right now even more.

Spiritually, I grew a lot. And that’s a highlight I mostly can remember. I am now in this foreign field I did not expect to move into so soon. I learned a lot about myself. How eager I am to work hard for something I have a passion for. How patient I need to be with myself and other people. The value of a pioneer. Taking advantage of more opportunities, trusting Jehovah fully in it that He will take care of me. Building my faith. Mostly just using my singleness and youth to the fullest. I can’t express how happy I am and I know you’re probably so tired of seeing those words in the past recent posts, but it’s true. I am completely happy. Am I having difficulties? Of course. But I have joy in enduring.

This year was also filled with simplifying my life more. I have never had a lot of things. I can easily fit all of my clothes in two large suitcases. I do not own a lot of makeup, just a small travel size bag with everyday items. For shoes, I try to keep two for work and the rest, using it for going out, service, and meetings. And jewelry, I think I only have three necklaces and five pairs of earrings. But I mostly wear the same pair every day. I have always enjoyed keeping my life as simple as I can. Because I do have a goal of serving somewhere else if my circumstances allow in the future, it would be better to start living with only needed things right now. That way when the time does come, it won’t be hard for me to move or get rid of things.

One huge thing I got to simply are my finance. Last year I got a car that was working better than my previous one. But the monthly payments were starting to get too much for me and making it hard to save. With my Dad needing a car to use, I gave mine to him and got a used car. This car is fairly older. I do miss the luxury of my old car, but with saving $200 a month in mind along with taking me safely to destination A to B, I cannot complain. It’s also a great car for service, enough space.

Change comes in a lot of different ways. It can be bad. But sometimes, change can be good.



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