Mai Gems: January

I can’t believe the first month of the year is coming to an end. To begin, I got hit by a car.

Literally, I did. I was walking towards the entrance of Walmart when a driver who wasn’t paying attention, turned towards my direction and hit me directly on my left knee with her front left bumper. Talk about starting the year of with a big hit! (get it?) On the bright side, my bone isn’t fractured. But the tissues on top of it is torn. On another bright side, it’s not separated. Still dangerous though. I had to be on crutches and brace for two in a half weeks. Those weeks were horrible. But it was a great conversation starter. I haven’t been able to go out in service very much. But with constant physical therapy, I was able to take off the brace and crutches sooner than expected! I still need to work on balancing both of my legs since I don’t have anything to lean on. It did make me appreciate my legs even more and not take them for granted. I do need to be careful and my knee is still very weak and damaged. I don’t know how long it will take to mend. But being a tad active has been helping my upper muscles gain back their balance, helping my knee.

I found myself falling into depression a few weeks afterwards since my sister was hospitalized. It was a few rough weeks. I had a lot on my plate, more than what I could handle and it was breaking me down. With diligent prayer, I’m very grateful to have wonderful elders and friends in the congregation for help and encouragement.

But even with those events, my month grew to get better.

I kept myself busy with uplifting productivity. Although I was not able to go out in service much, I did get to witness to some people during work, informal at the doctor, and text messaging/phone calling publishers!

All thanks to Jehovah, I made it to my 2017 Pioneer Meeting! This meeting was so encouraging for all of the pioneers, reminding us that even though we do a lot, Jehovah will always provide for what we need at the perfect time. This meeting came at the most needed time for me, personally. It was a wonderful evening spending quality time with everyone getting to know each other.

During this month, I focused more on the kids in the congregation. I always think of them and in what fun ways I can help with the parents to keep their children busy during the meetings. I had put together a variety of candies and made goody bags. Each filled with a different project inside. It was a small piece of paper either with “What are a few things I love about Jehovah”? and “What is my favorite Bible Scripture?”. The kids all did their projects which was amazing! I’m so proud of them! For completing the project, I got them all a small book to use for the meeting and ministry, giving them another project to do during the meeting to pay attention. After the meeting, they shared with each other what their notes were. I think these notebooks was a perfect gift, because there were different cute animated animals and each got a different kind.

Another big highlight was I had my very first family study with my own family. It took us many years to finally do this. But we did it. And I’m so happy.

There’s a sister in my congregation, Hermana Quinones. We’ve been trying to make service plans together for the past almost two months. So we finally got to go out together and it was a very productive morning! We both got calls that we will go back and do follow ups on together.


But the biggest accomplishment/highlight for this month was having my very first talk in Spanish. I’m so happy to have loving support afar and near! It was an awesome night, all thanks to Jehovah for his help and patience.




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