Mai Gems: February

For the month of February, a few highlights were:

  • started a new personal study project
  • had family worship every week with my own family
  • gotten close to a friend and her family
  • followed through my 30 day cleanse
  • got promoted to shift lead
  • attended a dear friend’s wedding
  • filled out the “serve where need is greater” application

This month was a personal struggle for me. It seems like once something happens, Satan just attacks you at the worst with so many challenges. I had let myself turn into a mess. But I had meditated on a few scriptures throughout this month to keep in mind that this is all temporary and for strength. 1 Peter 5:9-11.

But take your stand against him.. after you have suffered a little while, the God of all undeserved kindness.. will make you firm. He will make you strong. He will firmly ground you”



One thought on “Mai Gems: February

  1. At a Circuit Assembly, one CO said in his talk “we all can say one good thing about Satan. What is that good thing? He’s a hard worker. One of the hardest workers ever to exist. He is working hard to ruin our faith.” Yet how encouraging it is to know that no matter how hard he may work at it, Jehovah strengths us:to overcome, to endure, and to grow after each attack. Hope March brings great blessings for your hard work you put in for Jehovahs Name ❤


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